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Own Yourself -10 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Life.

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Growing up, I had always wanted to be the ‘up and go’ kinda girl. Wake up, pack a bag and move. With my camera of course.

Nothing was stopping me, well, my parents were. If you know, you know.

I later realized I needed to get a degree.

Now, I crave for more degrees and I can’t get them while jumping up and down like a frog ????

Why is life like this?

You gotta sacrifice something for another. If you want the two, you are greedy.

Well, one has to wait and work for it.

In a bid to decide which one should wait, you realize life already happened. “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”, someone said.

You are caught in the dilemma of making the right choice. Questions like, which should I do first? Should I continue with the degree?

Should I get married or maybe start a family first? start coming up.

Most times, we are more concerned about what the society thinks. We put the society and its opinion first before our interests.

In situations like this, you should put YOU first.

Weighing options is good, but not at the detriment of your happiness. OWN yourself.

STOP seeking approval from friends and family members before you do something for yourself. You know who you are and what you want to do, DO IT.

Own yourself before the world owns you.

In terms of how you are perceived by others, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, what you look like, or what’s your disability, as long as you OWN YOURSELF.
1 Find Out What You Want In Life.

Have you sat down to figure out what you really want in life? Not what your parents wants for you, not what you think you can achieve only because it’s easy, but exactly what you want.what can really make you happy. If money or circumstance were not a problem, what would be your biggest dreams or great accomplishment? Don’t worry if it feels too big for you to achieve on your own, it likely is. The magic of this universe that we live in is that it meets us more than halfway when we go after a dream. When we really know what we want and believe we can have it, when we expect it to happen, we set magical forces in motion that arrange the people and circumstances in our lives necessary to achieve our dreams

2. Work On Yourself Daily.

Keep in touch with yourself on a regular basis. Take a few minutes each day to benefit from some quiet time. Read and meditate over your goals or intentions for the week. It’s amazing what we can forget when we don’t remind ourselves! The coolest thing is looking back over the month and seeing all the things you can check off your list that happened without you even realizing it.  

3. Change Your Attitude/Thinking.
Your attitude plays very important roles in your life than you may think. Try very hard-working on your attitudes on daily basis. Have you noticed sometimes when you have a bad attitude in a day that day everything just seems to keep getting worse? It’s because you’re full of negative thoughts and imaginations, walking around collecting more nearby negative energy, You must try to force yourself to be in a good mood (and yes, almost every day requires you to force it) and look for the good things in your day, you will discover that it brings more good things to you. Stop wasting your time allowing negative energy to dominate your thoughts another day because your are pushing the good things of life away.

4. Take Responsibility Of Your Actions And Reactions.

The key and fastest ways to take charge of your life is to take responsibility for your actions and reactions. The good, the bad, the ugly — it’s all on you! Our perspectives, attitudes, reactions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs… these are all things that happens in our life and we control ourselves. This is awesome because it means that you can create the life you want since you are at the driver’s sit you controls everything.

5. Have No Competition With Anyone.

Life is like a marathon. When we are running a marathon and we don’t focus on our own path because we are too busy looking around us to see where everyone else is, we start to stumble. We start wondering if we’re not good enough, or why good things are happening to others and not us. Don’t focus on anyone else but you. Be grateful for where you are and the things you have achieved. Every day is a new day and a fresh start to go after your own dreams and improve from your yesterday.

6. Pay Attention To Your Time And Goals.
Become very time conscious with your time and Implement your daily routine. Highly successful people are known for following morning routines every day. A time that you prepare for your day first without letting the outside world bombard your mind, to write or read over your goals, exercise and eat a filling breakfast. Basically taking time for you before the day starts so you feel mentally prepared! Also, pay attention to the kind of people and information you let come into your mind. Negative people, stories, and articles that promote hate, fear or controversy only breed more negativity and drag you down.

7. Stop Putting Blame On Others.

Adults are not perfect, and some of them are total screw ups, but we can’t forever let the mistakes of others be an excuse for us not living the life we want. Also, we can not let things like a failed marriage or a bad past decision have any power over our today.It’s very easy to blame others sometimes, especially since most of us have some sort of experience of being treated wrongly or unfair when we are growing up. We have to let go of our past to embrace our today. Every morning, you have a clean slate. No one can stop you from being the person that you want to be or living the life you desire to live, unless you grant them that power. Take complete control of everything happening and enjoy the goodness of life.

8. Forgive Them All.

This is a very difficult task, usually one that requires a lifetime of repetition and practices. When you hold onto the pasts it hurts you most and prevents you from living the life you truly want. By bearing a grudge, you are harboring negative energy, which will only poison your mindsets. Sometimes, the ones we hold the most grudges against, are ourselves, for the past mistakes and actions we deeply regret. You can’t live a happy life if at some subconscious level you don’t believe you deserve one. Everything we experience, even the bad and good ones has it benefits. We grow and learn a lot during our difficult moments. Forgive others and yourself and instead be grateful for the lessons you’ve gathered.
9. Trust Yourself.

The best person to listen to is yourself. Do not listen to what others say, Listen to yourself and trust your instincts; your inner voices. Follow that voice and everything is going to workout for your own good.

10. Set Your Boundaries.

Set boundaries for yourself and others.know exactly what you can accept and what you can tolerate, Don’t be a people pleaser, Don’t torture yourself to please everybody. Be yourself at all time and keep moving on with your life

Owning your life can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you just start small and turn everything into a habit as you go along, in no time you will begin seeing the obvious and magical changes of living life with a different mindset, and there is no better time to start than now!. “Forget past mistakes, Forget failures, Forget everything except what you are going to do now and do it”.











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