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Overtime, we tend to forget the fact that we are all prone to making mistakes. We are always too quick to judge, too quick to pick out the faults in other people without stopping to ask questions, or find out the reasons behind the person’s action.

We should ask questions like, how am I better than this person?

If I was in a situation like this, would I react differently or similar?
Something happened recently, it was a case of proofreading.

A friend sent a mail to a company he was applying to for a job. The body of the mail had some errors and he forgot to attach the necessary documents and CLICK, he sent the mail. Errors + no document.

We were shown this mail and immediately, someone said PATHETIC!!!

Wow!!! Really? That’s all you could say?

While some of us criticized and judged the sender of the mail, some saw it as an unavoidable mistake. I had to relate a similar case to them.

I once applied for a job using a wrong cover letter. As a smart girl I thought I was, I have several copies of my cover letter, well written to suit any particular job I want to apply for.

I was in a hurry, I did not check, I used a cover letter with a totally different address with another company’s name to apply for another job. How stupid I was right? You can tell me about it.

Now, here is the thing, the friend sent a mail with spelling errors and badly constructed sentences, I sent a mail to a different company with a different name applying for a different job. We both made the same mistake of not proofreading the mail before sending. We didn’t get the job.

If I was too quick to judge, I wouldn’t have been able to pick out a lesson or two from this. Instead of criticizing and judging, find something to learn from the mistake. It could be you tomorrow.




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