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Dealing With Mental Health Issues-10 Best Ways To Deal With Mental Health Issues.

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I can’t find my glasses! I cried.

Where did you keep them? My husband asked.

I don’t know, I…. I… .

This is becoming too much babe! He cuts me off.

Yesterday, you couldn’t find your car keys, this morning your glasses. Is there something you are not telling me? He went further to ask.

Forgetting things easily became my forte because I was always working late, without having time to relax and rest. I had no time for myself let alone my family. There was a lot on my mind, yet I wasn’t ready to talk about them. One day, I was asked “How is your mental health?”

Mental health doesn’t have to be if you make time for your self. You shouldn’t wait till you no longer have control over the situation before you act.

Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.


Making time for yourself won’t take too much time, it won’t cost a fortune. You are meant to take care of yourself, no one can do it for you. There are ways to adequately deal with your mental state of mind.

Here are 10 best ways to deal with your mental health issues.

1. Talk about your feelings.

Tell the surrounding people how you truly feel. Let them know when you are sad and need help, tell them how you feel about them and how you fell about things around you. There is no need bottling them up, it is true we all need somebody to lean on.

2. Exercise regularly and keep active.

Exercise keeps the brain and other vital organs of the body healthy. It helps us concentrate, sleep and feel better. Regular exercise can also help to boost self-esteem.

3. Eat good food.

Eat well, well-prepared and a balanced diet. Any diet that is good for our physical health is also good for your mental health. Take proper care of yourself.

4. Drink sensibly and responsibly.

Sometimes, we drink alcohol just to be in control of our mood. But, the feeling however is only temporary. As soon as the effect wears off, you feel worse than you were. You do not need alcohol to control your mood.

5. Do something you are good at, something you are passionate about.

Don’t do things because you have to do them, take time to do things you love doing. Enjoying yourself can help boost your mental health.

6. Stay in touch.

Constantly check on your loved ones, drop a note, call them from time to time. Take time to catch up on things you missed.

7. Care for others.

Do things for someone without expecting anything in return. Love unconditionally, give without expectation, smile effortlessly, always be kind to people.

8. Learn how to deal with stress.

A lot of people work tirelessly, without taking a break. Know your stress level and learn how to deal with it.

9. Surround yourself with people of like minds.

Having good people around can help you manage your mental health. Friends are really important, they help us when we are in need and when we least expect it.

10. Give to yourself.

Set realistic goals, invest in yourself, read good books, value yourself and accept who you are.















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