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13 Benefits Of Cutting down Calories On Our Daily Diets

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A study suggests that healthy diet can reduce the symptoms of depression, According to this study, healthy food can act as a powerful anti depression with no negative side effects compare to anti depression pills, In the study, adults with major depression were put on a healthy diet plan. Their diet consists of whole grains, vegetables fruits and olive oil. It also consists of legumes, fish, eggs, chicken and lean red meat while reducing intake of fried and fast foods, ultra-processed meats and sugary drinks, sweets and refined cereals. After 3 months of healthy eating diet, their depression scores improves by 11 point. 32% of the adults participant no longer had depression.
Overtime we metabolize calories’ to generate energy in the body, we also generate free oxygen radicals which are the metabolic byproducts. These reactive oxygen species accumulates in our body causing oxidation stress. Over time, this oxidation stress damages our cells and organs, which lead to shortened life span and accelerates aging. It also linked to the aging associated diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer and Parkinson. Oxidation damages can also cause cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Here are some lists of the benefits of cutting down on calories’ on our diets

  • Eating processed food increases your chances of becoming depressed.
  • Cutting calories’ reduces the risk of Cancer and
  • Cutting calories’ reduces the chances of you having Alzheimer’s and some other diseases.
  • Cutting down on calories’ could slow down the aging process.
  • Low calories’ diet slow down metabolism and can help you live longer.
  • Some researches have shown that eating fewer calories’ leads to less disease and longer life,
  • Healthy foods contains micro nutrients that help our brains better cope with daily stress.
  • It also enhances our immune systems, which can fight against diseases efficiently.
  • Low calories’ intake can also protect against aging associated diseases.
  • A study have it that eating fewer calories’ may lead to a better memory.
  • Healthy diets can influence our mental health through number of different pathways.
  • A recent study reveals that lowering calories’ intake by 15% over two years slow down aging and metabolism rates in human body.
  • Calories restrictive diets causes reduction of metabolic rates by 10%. A slow metabolism results in reduced oxidation stress, which in turn leads to less damage to cells and organs in the body.

A poor diet can lead to chronic low-grade inflammations, which is a risk factor for diabetes and Alzheimer’s diseases. Inflammation also play a role in causing depression

Research suggests that a healthy diet may even be easier on your wallet.




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